Jun 24 by GJEL

Anadarko — the Oil Spill’s Elusive Co-Owner — Dodges Legal Liability

There’s no point in letting BP take all the blame for the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. Since the oil rig exploded more than two months ago, Texas-based petroleum company Anadarko has stayed mostly under the radar, letting BP sink slowly into infamy. But just when the world needed a new villain, the 25 percent owner of Deepwater Horizon surfaced when it attempted to distance itself from BP and legal liability.

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Jun 16 by Ben

Can Obama Legally Force BP to Establish $20 Billion Escrow for Oil Spill Victims?

President Obama got tough on the British oil giant turned Gulf spill villain BP last night in a nationally televised primetime speech detailing the administration’s plan to contain the spill and prevent similar disasters in the future. Behind the scenes, the Obama administration has been making legal postures, which some say overstep its authority. But BP is already facing a set of tough legal challenges, federal and otherwise, and might not have the political strength to take the administration to court.

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Jun 03 by Ben

BP Oil Spill Law Suits Simmer, Ready to Boil

If you thought Toyota’s unintended acceleration problems prompted a legal whirlwind, the aftermath of the BP oil spill in the Gulf will blow your mind. Lawsuits are already popping up on all sides of the issue. Local fishermen, farmers, and business people are suing BP; the federal government has launched a criminal investigation into the British oil giant; and environmental groups are now considering a challenge to the EPA over its use of harmful chemical dispersants in the spill. While BP isn’t likely to be economically devestated by cleanup or regulatory fees resulting from the spill, it’s a PR disaster that is already starting to take a toll.

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May 27 by Ben

BP Oil Spill Brings Tough Class Action Lawsuits

While national TV will attempt to televise British Patroleum’s newest attempt to plug their massive leak in the Gulf of Mexico this week, class action lawsuits continue to pop up against the embattled oil company. The Economist reports that in the two weeks following the April 20 spill alone, more than 70 legal challenges sprouted up, many of which were class action suits on behalf of clumps of victims. Will these lawsuits devastate the British oil giant?

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