Jul 08 by jason

Should self-driving vehicles be required to get a license?

Following the first fatal accident involving a self-driving vehicle, the debate has been renewed over whether autonomous cars are ready to share the road with traditional vehicles. The accident, which occurred in Florida on May 7th, resulted from a Tesla Model S colliding with a tractor-trailer that had made a left turn in front of…

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Feb 15 by jason

The Top Examples of Distracted Driving

The Most Common Examples & Causes of Distracted Driving According to a 2015 report from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, “In 2015 alone, 3,477 people were killed, and 391,000 were injured in motor vehicle crashes involving distracted drivers.” One out of every five car crashes causing an injury involved some element of distracted driving,…

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Jan 14 by GJEL Staff

Tonight: help Bike East Bay improve dangerous roundabout design

Tonight (Thursday January 14th) at 7:00 PM, the Lafayette Circulation Commission will review a dangerous double-wide roundabout proposal at the intersection of Pleasant Hill Road and Olympic Boulevard, two key corridors for bicycling. The proposed dual-lane design would create a chaotic gap in Lafayette’s bicycle network, serving as a barrier to safe cycling to schools…

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Dec 18 by GJEL Staff

How can Oakland fix Grand Avenue?

Grand Avenue is broken. Like countless other streets in Oakland, the design of Grand Avenue no longer serves the people and communities that use the street. However, while Oakland has developed a clear vision for many of its other arterials, the City’s approach to fixing Grand remains unclear. The 2.7 mile Grand Avenue corridor between…

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May 15 by jason

“I Drive Alameda” advocates for unsafe status quo on Central Avenue

A new driver advocacy group in Alameda has mobilized to preserve the status quo on one of the City’s most dangerous corridors. “I Drive Alameda” has distributed flyers across the City’s West End for a petition against a proposed road diet on Central Avenue, accompanied by a six-page manifesto against the project. The group argues…

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Oct 30 by jason

The perils of through-double-right turns for bicyclists

Biking on most urban streets may not always be a stress-free experience, but an individual with basic bicycle safety knowledge can usually navigate through streets without incident if everyone behaves safely (albeit a big “if”). However, today we want to talk about one street configuration that even the safest drivers and bicyclists have difficulty navigating:…

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Oct 15 by jason

12-foot lanes don’t improve safety. So why do we keep building them?

Lane widths might seem like a boring, esoteric aspect of traffic engineering, but they really matter for creating safe, livable streets. Noted city planner and urban designer Jeff Speck recently published a convincing piece on CityLab against a transportation feature that nearly all of us confront on a daily basis: 12-foot travel lanes. Over the…

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Oct 02 by jason

Oaklavia highlights need for better bicycle infrastructure around Lake Merritt

Oakland recently hosted Oaklavia, an open streets event that invites people to walk, bike, dance, play, and socialize in the streets. It’s a terrific, if underappreciated event that both showcases the city’s vibrancy and the potential for stress-free (or low-stress) walking and biking on the city’s streets. At the same time, Oaklavia reinforces the juxtaposition…

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