Aug 17 by GJEL Staff

“Bay Bridge Forward” to add much-needed capacity to Transbay commute

Facing crush-load BART trains, packed buses and ferries, and congested freeways, the Metropolitan Transportation Commission recently approved $40 million in near-term capacity relief. The “Bay Bridge Forward” program seeks to enhance a range of bus, carpool, and ferry solutions to maximize Transbay capacity, including:

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May 02 by GJEL Staff

Rethinking BART to Santa Clara

After nearly two decades of planning, the timeline for completion of the Silicon Valley BART extension remains uncertain. Later this year, BART will open a five mile, $890…

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Mar 28 by GJEL Staff

BART’s bond measure: aiming too low?

Over the past few weeks, BART and Los Angeles’ Metro have each made big headlines, albeit for very different reasons. In the Bay Area, BART’s ongoing mechanical problems…

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Mar 02 by GJEL Staff

Where should a second Transbay Tube go?

There is a growing consensus that building a second Transbay Tube is critical to the Bay Area’s future. Transbay ridership has skyrocketed in recent years – MTC’s ongoing…

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Jul 10 by jason

East Bay Greenway construction delayed

Construction on the much-anticipated first segment of the East Bay Greenway has stalled due to delays from unexpected levels of soil contamination. The 0.5 mile, $3.56 million project…

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Jan 26 by GJEL

Proposed Bay Area Trail Could Improve Bicycle & Pedestrian Safety

One of the main goals of smart urban development is to grow within the existing confines of a city rather than expanding outwards. That’s what Alameda County’s transportation agency aims to do with a proposed 12 mile bicycle path that would span the distance beneath BART tracks between Oakland and Hayward. In addition to beautifying the often stark space beneath BART tracks, the proposed East Bay Greenway would likely reduce bicycle and pedestrian accidents by giving citizens a car-free space to walk and bike.

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