Jun 13 by GJEL Staff

How to fix Telegraph Avenue’s protected bike lanes

A month after unveiling a road diet on Telegraph Avenue featuring Oakland’s first protected bike lanes, Telegraph remains a mess. Obstructions of the bike lanes are seemingly never-ending as confused and/or negligent drivers continue to park alongside the curb. While growing pains are normal for innovative projects that disrupt the status quo, the sustained chaos on Telegraph has been troubling.

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May 16 by GJEL Staff

After a momentous Bike to Work Day, more complete streets projects on the way

Last week’s Bike to Work day was one of the most significant in the event’s 22 year history in the East Bay. Four ribbon cuttings occurred in the cities of Oakland, Berkeley, Piedmont, and Emeryville, including three protected bike lanes. These projects represent the first wave of a significant investment in complete streets in the…

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Jul 09 by jason

Bay Bridge contraflow bus lane and bike/ped path should be considered together

Over the past few months, a proposal to build a contraflow bus lane on the Bay Bridge has gained momentum among key transportation agencies such as the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC), BART, and AC Transit. The proposed contraflow lane would convert an underutilized eastbound lane to a westbound bus lane, providing much-needed capacity relief for…

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Jul 07 by jason

The worst bike lane in the world?

Streetsblog California recently proclaimed a new bike lane in Orinda “The Worst Bike Lane in the World.” The bike lane sits outside of our office on Camino Pablo, straddling between two high-speed right turn lanes as it passes under Highway 24 and the Orinda BART Station. To put it simply, this bike lane is terrifying….

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Jun 12 by jason

When sharrows aren’t enough

San Francisco ambitiously seeks to expand bicycling to 20 percent of all trips by 2020. Yet, real concerns over safety remain the single greatest obstacle to expanding bicycling in the city. The recent collision between an unlicensed (and potentially distracted) driver and bicycle safety instructor Bert Hill illustrates the precarious state of bicycle safety in…

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May 15 by jason

The hypocrisy of San Francisco’s selective traffic law enforcement

Street safety depends on the fair enforcement of traffic laws, but enforcement is not always fair. The juxtaposition of two stories over the past week illustrates the incongruent enforcement of traffic laws in San Francisco. On Bike to Work Day last Thursday, SFPD organized a sting to ticket bicyclists rolling through stop signs on the…

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Apr 24 by jason

Oakland’s Telegraph Avenue Complete Streets Plan: Building a Safer Street

Telegraph Avenue is one of Oakland’s key transportation corridors, linking Downtown Oakland with Downtown Berkeley. It serves thousands of transit riders, drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians every day, and also functions as the commercial backbone of the popular Temescal, Koreatown/Northgate, and Uptown districts. However, Telegraph is one of Oakland’s most dangerous streets because of its antiquated…

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Apr 07 by jason

#ReplaceBikeWithCar Satirizes Anti-Bike Rhetoric

The rise of bicycling and the expansion of bike lanes can at times provoke strong negative reactions in people, whether it’s at public meetings, newspaper comment boards, or casual conversations. Sometimes the arguments against bike lanes can border on absurdity and demonstrate an entrenched bias toward driving. Over the weekend, #ReplaceBikeWithCar was a trending topic…

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