Feb 23 by GJEL Staff

Illegal parking continues to plague Oakland’s buffered bike lanes

Oakland’s new buffered bike lanes continue to experience frequent blockages due to illegal double parking. Robert Prinz of Bike East Bay recently posted a video of Webster Street in which delivery trucks and several cars associated with Pandora’s valet service used the buffered bike lane as a loading zone. A few blocks away along 17th…

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Dec 10 by jason

San Francisco’s proposed bike-yield law continues to roll forward

Several weeks ago we wrote about a proposed bill that would make San Francisco the largest U.S. city to adopt a stop-as-yield law for cyclists. Earlier this week San Francisco supervisors on the Land Use and Transportation Committee voted in support of the law, which would allow cyclists to treat stop signs as yield signs…

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Oct 23 by jason

Is it time to embrace the ‘Idaho stop’ for cyclists?

Saying that motorists and bicyclists don’t always get along is not only a massive understatement, but at this point it feels like beating a dead horse. Now, as San Francisco debates the possibility of allowing cyclists to use an “Idaho stop” at stop signs, the two warring factions are once again clashing over what’s best…

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Sep 04 by jason

Study shows making streets safer is the best way to encourage cycling

A recent study conducted by the University of Bath, Department of Psychology, has concluded that, improving street safety for cyclists is more effective than information campaigns when it comes to encouraging people to start riding a bike. The study, published in this month’s Journal of Transport and Health, compared the effectiveness of various pro-cycling campaigns…

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Jul 20 by jason

What is a protected intersection?

As protected bike lanes become more common across the U.S., the way in which we design intersections is also evolving. American cities are on the cusp of implementing the nation’s first protected intersections, a potentially revolutionary approach to intersection design for bicycle safety. This post offers an overview of what constitutes a protected intersection, why…

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Jul 09 by jason

Bay Bridge contraflow bus lane and bike/ped path should be considered together

Over the past few months, a proposal to build a contraflow bus lane on the Bay Bridge has gained momentum among key transportation agencies such as the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC), BART, and AC Transit. The proposed contraflow lane would convert an underutilized eastbound lane to a westbound bus lane, providing much-needed capacity relief for…

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Mar 05 by jason

Uptown Oakland bike station opens: when will infrastructure catch up?

At long last, the Uptown Bike Station opened this week adjacent to BART’s 19th Street Station. The Bike Station offers free, secure bike parking between the hours of 7 am and 9 pm and a range of bicycle-related services – similar to bike stations at Fruitvale, Ashby, Embarcadero, and Downtown Berkeley. 19th Street Station has…

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