Nov 22 by GJEL

The Most Common Holiday Injuries

Each year, the holiday season brings excitement about seeing family, eating delicious meals, and even opening a few presents. For some, the season marks a series of events complete with dinner parties and elaborate decorations. In addition to this seasonal mirth, families must consider safety issues related to driving long distances in rough conditions, the potential for shopping mall mishaps, and dangers associated with holiday decorations and lights. To help navigate those additional considerations, we’ve developed a list of some of the most common holiday-related injuries and some precautions families can take to avoid trips to the emergency room this winter.

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Nov 21 by GJEL

Thanksgiving Drivers Increase Risk of Car Accidents: Driving Tips to Stay Safe

Are you getting ready to hit the roads next weekend to reach your Thanksgiving destination? Well you’re far from alone, as AAA predicts that the number of this year’s road warriors will exceed 42 million, an 11.4 percent increase over last year’s total of nearly 38 million. This effectively ends a three year lull in road travelers over Thanksgiving weekend. AAA says the predicted up tick is likely the result of an improving economy, which enables travelers to brave gas prices and other costs associated with travel this holiday season.

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Nov 28 by jason

5 gift ideas that promote bike safety

There are plenty of accessories you can buy for your commuter cyclist friends this holiday season. Here are five gift ideas that can help keep riders out of harm’s way.

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Jan 20 by jason

Winter Holiday Charity Contest Case Study

For most companies, the end of the year is a time to give. Holiday season coincides with fiscal deadlines…encouraging tax-deductible giving to non-profits and charities. But just because…

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Jul 01 by GJEL

California Boosts DUI Patrols on Fourth of July Weekend

It’s finally 4th of July weekend, which means a (much deserved) day off for most of us, a chance to relax outside with BBQ and friends, and the yearly celebration of our country’s independence. Unfortunately, it also means that many California drivers will abuse their freedom by choosing to drive drunk. But since 4th of July weekend has accompanied a spike in drunk drivers and car accidents in past years, the California Highway Patrol has said that it will boost DUI patrols this weekend. So in order to stay safe and avoid a ticket, never get behind the wheel while under the influence of alcohol.

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May 06 by GJEL

Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month Targets Motorcycle Accident Injuries

We’ve been writing a lot about National Bike Month. The cycle-centric holiday, hosted by the League of American Cyclists, has placed a large emphasis on increasing ridership and teaching safe cycling behavior to children. And here in California, Sacramento has launched a major monthly program to reduce bicycle accidents. But May isn’t only National Bike Month, it’s also Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month. Boosting motorcycle safety is essential, especially considering that motorcycle deaths make up a disproportionate 13.2% of all traffic deaths nationwide. So in addition to watching out for bicycle safety this month, stay aware of motorcyclists, and as always, share the road for everyone.

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May 03 by GJEL

National Bike Month Focuses on Reducing Youth Bicycle Accidents

As National Bike Month rolls around, we’re reminded that too many cyclists currently on the road maintain bad habits on city streets. Many adult cyclists don’t wear helmets, obey traffic signs, or use reflective gear at night. Some states have bicycle safety laws that require appropriate bicycle safety behavior for children and teenagers. But as Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood writes on his blog this week, National Bike Month should encourage smart bicycle safety from the top down. If you have children, be a good “Roll Model” during May as National Bike Month.

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Apr 05 by GJEL

California Distracted Driving Awareness Month Stresses Enforcement

Though 2010 marked the first annual Distracted Driving Awareness Month, California did not participate in an official capacity. So this year, California is making an impact with a statewide crackdown on distracted driving. About 225 local police agencies will team up with the California Highway Patrol to implement 103 CHP Area Commands and a “zero-tolerance policy” against offenders. A first-time offence carries a $20 fine, but with additional charges, the economic damage can reach over $200. So during Distracted Driving Awareness Month this April, remember to be safe and avoid distracted driving, or your wallet could regret it.

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Mar 31 by GJEL

California Boosts Driver Safety Laws For Distracted Driving Awareness Month

For years, the California Highway Patrol has done a fantastic job keeping our roads safe from dangerous drivers and reducing vehicle injuries and fatalities. That job has grown more difficult with the rise of technology and distracted driving, but the CHP will team up with 225 local California police agencies to establish 103 California Highway Patrol Area Commands and enact a “zero-tolerance policy” to combat distracted driving through April; the country’s second annual Distracted Driving Awareness Month.

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Feb 14 by GJEL

Avoid Kissing and Driving on Valentines Day

Everyone knows that texting or typing on your cell phone while driving is very dangerous. Last year, distracted driving accounted for 5,500 traffic fatalities and nearly 500,000 injuries nationwide. What’s less known, is that kissing your parter while driving is also incredibly dangerous, and incredibly common. As the Consumer Reports Cars Blog notes today, a report by GfK Roper found that 30 percent of drivers admit to kissing while driving. When it comes to employed drivers who completed higher education, the statistic is even higher: nearly 40 percent.

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Dec 20 by GJEL

Holiday Drivers Increase Risk of Car Accidents

Due to the increased likelihood of drunk driving and adverse road conditions, winter holidays always carry an extra risk of car accidents. This year, warns the auto advocate AAA, that danger could be even more pronounced, as more drivers are committed to traveling long distances thanks partially to an improved economy. This year, AAA predicts, 92.3 million Americans will travel more than 50 miles from their homes, a boost of 3 million over last year’s Christmas holiday period.

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Dec 02 by GJEL

Consumer Safety Agency Suggests Methods to Reduce Holiday Injuries

In the past weeks we’ve written about ways to protect your family from the most common holiday injuries, and even some of the most bizarre holiday accidents. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has released similar warnings, based on injury and fatality data collected from last year’s holiday season compared to seasons years before. While the CPSC report notes that holiday fatalities have fortunately declined steadily since 2005, injuries have increased, solidifying the importance of remaining vigilant about reducing accidents that could cause cuts, burns, or bruises requiring emergency room attention.

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Nov 29 by GJEL

Good & Bad News for Bay Area Car Accidents Over Thanksgiving Weekend

As I wrote last week, holiday weekends inevitably carry an increased risk of car accidents and other holiday-related injuries. While this holds true for 2010, there were fortunately no fatal car accidents in the Bay Area over Thanksgiving weekend, a marked improvement over last year, when five people were killed in their cars. Sadly, this good news comes along with some bad news. This year, holiday DUI arrests spiked to nearly 250, a 20 percent increase from last year’s total of 207. Statewide, DUI arrests totaled 1,420, an 8 percent increase from last year’s total of 1,315.

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Oct 26 by GJEL

Parents, Towns Prepare for Halloween Pedestrian Safety

Halloween is many different things to many different people. To kids, it’s a fun time to dress up, walk around town, and gather as much candy as possible. For some teenagers, it’s a time to act dangerously. For drivers, it marks an increased chance of pedestrian accidents. And it’s the job of public officials to keep these factors in mind and make Halloween as safe as possible.

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Sep 03 by GJEL

Labor Day Weekend Legal Humor Roundup: Winners and Werewolves

In yesterday’s blog post, we asked you to drive safe over Labor Day weekend. But we also want you to have a ton of fun. So with that in mind, I thought we’d kick start the long weekend with legal humor roundup. This week, we have the US Open for Lawyers, a potential warewolf push-up competition, and beer pong discussed in detail in a real lawsuit. Enjoy!

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Sep 02 by GJEL

California Cracks Down on Drunk Driving on Dangerous Labor Day Weekend

Like we’re back in school, 34.4 million Americans, including more than 4 million Californians will join me this Friday night to travel more than 50 miles to a vacation getaway for the long Labor Day weekend. In California and across the country, this holiday weekend’s travel predictions mark a ten percent increase over 2009 numbers, which indicates that it will be marked by more traffic, and likely more accidents, than last year.

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Jul 19 by GJEL

GJEL Accident Attorneys Urges Summer Safety on the Water

Each season comes with a new set of activities made possible by the change in schedules and weather. Though summer tends to be a little depressing for me for its lack of opportunities to ski, there are more chances for activities in parks, on lakes, and under the sun. Along with these new activities come the danger of a new set of injuries unique to the summer.

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May 26 by Ben

Prepare for Summer Driving with Accident Checklist

If you’re anything like me, you’re looking forward to Memorial Day, if only to enjoy a rare three day weekend. It’s the perfect weekend to pack up and find an adventure in the mountains, enjoy family and friends, and get out of town. The only problem is, everyone else has the same idea. To stay safe on the unusually crowded roads, download the GJEL Accident Preparedness Checklist.

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