Nov 28 by jason

5 gift ideas that promote bike safety

There are plenty of accessories you can buy for your commuter cyclist friends this holiday season. Here are five gift ideas that can help keep riders out of harm’s way.

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Mar 09 by jason

Walk to Work Day and Bike to School Day right around the corner

Grab that highlighter and mark your calendar because two important holidays are on the horizon. No, I’m not referring to St. Patrick’s Day or April Fool’s Day, I’m talking about the even more important Walk to Work Day and Bike to School Day. The first event is Walk to Work Day, which will be taking…

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Jan 20 by jason

Winter Holiday Charity Contest Case Study

For most companies, the end of the year is a time to give. Holiday season coincides with fiscal deadlines…encouraging tax-deductible giving to non-profits and charities. But just because a firm gives to charity, doesn’t mean that the altruistic gesture can’t benefit both parties. In the winter of 2011, we at GJEL Accident Attorneys tried a…

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Jul 01 by GJEL

California Boosts DUI Patrols on Fourth of July Weekend

It’s finally 4th of July weekend, which means a (much deserved) day off for most of us, a chance to relax outside with BBQ and friends, and the yearly celebration of our country’s independence. Unfortunately, it also means that many California drivers will abuse their freedom by choosing to drive drunk. But since 4th of July weekend has accompanied a spike in drunk drivers and car accidents in past years, the California Highway Patrol has said that it will boost DUI patrols this weekend. So in order to stay safe and avoid a ticket, never get behind the wheel while under the influence of alcohol.

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May 06 by GJEL

Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month Targets Motorcycle Accident Injuries

We’ve been writing a lot about National Bike Month. The cycle-centric holiday, hosted by the League of American Cyclists, has placed a large emphasis on increasing ridership and teaching safe cycling behavior to children. And here in California, Sacramento has launched a major monthly program to reduce bicycle accidents. But May isn’t only National Bike Month, it’s also Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month. Boosting motorcycle safety is essential, especially considering that motorcycle deaths make up a disproportionate 13.2% of all traffic deaths nationwide. So in addition to watching out for bicycle safety this month, stay aware of motorcyclists, and as always, share the road for everyone.

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May 03 by GJEL

National Bike Month Focuses on Reducing Youth Bicycle Accidents

As National Bike Month rolls around, we’re reminded that too many cyclists currently on the road maintain bad habits on city streets. Many adult cyclists don’t wear helmets, obey traffic signs, or use reflective gear at night. Some states have bicycle safety laws that require appropriate bicycle safety behavior for children and teenagers. But as Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood writes on his blog this week, National Bike Month should encourage smart bicycle safety from the top down. If you have children, be a good “Roll Model” during May as National Bike Month.

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Apr 05 by GJEL

California Distracted Driving Awareness Month Stresses Enforcement

Though 2010 marked the first annual Distracted Driving Awareness Month, California did not participate in an official capacity. So this year, California is making an impact with a statewide crackdown on distracted driving. About 225 local police agencies will team up with the California Highway Patrol to implement 103 CHP Area Commands and a “zero-tolerance policy” against offenders. A first-time offence carries a $20 fine, but with additional charges, the economic damage can reach over $200. So during Distracted Driving Awareness Month this April, remember to be safe and avoid distracted driving, or your wallet could regret it.

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Mar 31 by GJEL

California Boosts Driver Safety Laws For Distracted Driving Awareness Month

For years, the California Highway Patrol has done a fantastic job keeping our roads safe from dangerous drivers and reducing vehicle injuries and fatalities. That job has grown more difficult with the rise of technology and distracted driving, but the CHP will team up with 225 local California police agencies to establish 103 California Highway Patrol Area Commands and enact a “zero-tolerance policy” to combat distracted driving through April; the country’s second annual Distracted Driving Awareness Month.

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Mar 15 by GJEL

Avoid Drunk Driving with St. Patrick’s Day Free Public Transportation

For many, St. Patrick’s Day is a time to celebrate Irish heritage and the legend of St. Patrick. For many others, it’s a time to get drunk on green beer and (potentially) drive drunk. Clearly, driving drunk is incredibly dangerous and friends should be vigilant year-round, preventing their friends from getting behind the wheel after drinking. But as a day so infamous for binge drinking, people should be especially careful while on city streets and highways this Thursday. Some cities are helping, with free public transportation this St. Patrick’s Day.

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Feb 14 by GJEL

Avoid Kissing and Driving on Valentines Day

Everyone knows that texting or typing on your cell phone while driving is very dangerous. Last year, distracted driving accounted for 5,500 traffic fatalities and nearly 500,000 injuries nationwide. What’s less known, is that kissing your parter while driving is also incredibly dangerous, and incredibly common. As the Consumer Reports Cars Blog notes today, a report by GfK Roper found that 30 percent of drivers admit to kissing while driving. When it comes to employed drivers who completed higher education, the statistic is even higher: nearly 40 percent.

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