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What are Slip and Fall Accidents?

Slip and fall accidents, as the name implies, occur when a person trips or slips and falls and becomes hurt. 

Many hazardous conditions lead to these types of accidents: 

  • Tripping on torn or wet flooring
  • Falling in places that have dim lighting
  • Tripping and falling down narrow steps 
  • Falling over uneven sidewalks or other outdoor hazards 

The National Safety Council explains that fall-related accidents account for over nine million emergency room visits each year

These accidents often occur on another person’s property, which means that property owner may be responsible for slip and fall injuries. If you have been hurt while on someone else’s property, it may be difficult to prove who is responsible for your injuries.

When trying to successfully prove responsibility for a slip and fall, it is essential to show two factors. 

  • The accident was caused by a dangerous condition. 
  • The property owner knew the risks of allowing that condition. 

If your slip and fall accident meets those two factors, you may be able to recover expenses such as medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. To file a successful slip and fall lawsuit, you need assistance from an experienced California slip and fall attorney.

Common Injuries Sustained From Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip and fall injuries range from minor to severe. Since slip and fall accidents happen suddenly, they can change your life in an instant and cause a great deal of pain and hardship. It is important to understand the most common types of injuries that stem from slip and falls.

Broken Bones

Slipping and falling can easily cause broken bones. You can suffer minor fractures or have more severe injuries that require surgery. When bones break, surrounding tissues may suffer harm as well. Such injuries may require therapy for chronic pain. After a fall, if you feel sharp pain in a bone or joint area or experience swelling and bleeding, you should seek medical attention.

Soft Tissue Injuries

After a slip and fall, you may think that everything is fine. However, certain injuries, such as sprains and ligament tears, show no outer effects. If untreated, these injuries could leave you in chronic pain. Symptoms may not appear for a long time after an accident, so it is important to be checked by a medical professional.

Spinal Cord Injuries

Some of the most traumatic slip and fall accidents cause spinal cord injuries. These life-altering injuries require immediate medical attention. In severe cases, a person may suffer paralysis. Such tragic injuries require extensive, expensive treatment. In cases like this, it’s crucial to contact a slip and fall lawyer. To help pay for all the costs from a slip and fall accident, you should seek the maximum amount of compensation. A slip and fall accident attorney can obtain a top-dollar settlement amount for you.

Cranial Injuries

If you slip, fall, and hurt your head, you should seek medical assistance. Even though everything may seem fine, you may be suffering from a minor concussion. Other times, a fall results in noticeable concussion symptoms like a headache, dizziness, or difficulty thinking. More serious falls may lead to traumatic brain injuries, which can cause permanent health problems.

Cuts and Bruises 

Some of the least serious but most common injuries from slip and fall accidents are cuts and bruises. Upon falling, you usually scrape some part of your body. Minor scrapes are easily remedied, but deep cuts may require stitches.

If you fall and become injured from unsafe conditions on someone else’s property, you need guidance from a California attorney who specializes in these types of cases. A California slip and fall accident lawyer will evaluate your case and determine whether or not you can receive compensation for your injuries.

Slip and Fall Death and Injury Statistics

Types of Damages You Can Recover after a Slip & Fall Accident

If you were injured in a slip and fall accident, you may be able to recover damages. In personal injury cases, you may recover three different types of damages.

Economic Damages

Economic damages reimburse you for the financial costs of your accident. A defendant (or their insurance company) pays you for medical bills and lost wages.

Non-Economic Damages

Non-economic damages attempt to pay you for your emotional damages suffered as a result of your slip and fall injuries. This category includes things like pain and suffering. For example, if you can’t enjoy relationships like you used to, a court may award payment for loss of companionship (known as loss of consortium).

Punitive Damages

Sometimes a defendant commits a particularly terrible form of negligence or a deceptive action. For instance, a defendant may destroy video surveillance of a slip and fall. In such a case, a court may award punitive damages. However, courts are not likely to award punitive damages in typical slip and fall cases.

What Is The Slip and Fall Lawsuit Process?

If you’re considering a slip and fall lawsuit, you may wonder how the process works. Most slip and fall lawsuits resolve through settlement, though some proceed to trial. Here are the general steps in a slip and fall lawsuit.

    • Get a case review. First, contact GJEL for a free case review. We’ll let you know if you have a strong case and advise you of potential legal paths to settlement.
    • File a complaint. Your lawyer will file a complaint and summons with the court and pay filing fees. Then, your attorney provides a copy of the complaint to the defendant.
    • Respond to the complaint. The defendant usually has 30 days to file a response to your complaint, admitting or denying your allegations. The defendant might also file a motion, such as a motion to dismiss the case.
    • Conduct the discovery process. In the discovery phase, the plaintiff and defendant try to find out as much about the case as possible. Attorneys conduct interviews and request documents, like medical records.
    • Attempt to settle. After discovery, you might discuss settlement. The settlement process can resolve through a client-centered mediation or a judge-ordered settlement conference. Your attorneys will negotiate your settlement and request your approval.
    • Head to trial. If the settlement conference is unsuccessful, the case goes to trial. In that case, you’ll want attorneys who are skilled in making courtroom arguments, such as the experienced attorneys at GJEL. 
    • Collect your judgment. If the judge or jury rules in your favor, you should get your money soon after. 

Although the personal injury settlement process can be complicated, you can work through it with expert legal assistance. The experienced California slip and fall accident lawyers at GJEL will guide your best interest each step of the way.

How a Lawyer Helps You Prove Your California Slip and Fall Case

You are more likely to achieve a lucrative settlement if you use an experienced personal injury attorney. conducted a survey on personal injury cases. The survey revealed that “readers with attorneys received settlements or awards that were $60,000 higher, on average” than readers who did not hire an attorney. Only half of the readers without attorneys received any payout at all.  

Lawsuits are complicated. Parties must file documents, answer requests, and negotiate with one another. There are court deadlines to meet and filing fees to pay. On top of this, insurance companies can prove hostile opponents. It’s a lot for a person without specialized legal training and courtroom experience to handle.

It’s nice to have someone on your side who understands the way the lawsuit process works. If this attorney also has experience with slip and fall cases, you gain a definite advantage. You owe it to yourself to hire an advocate who will argue skillfully for your case.

To get your settlement as soon as possible, hire a California slip and fall accident lawyer immediately after your accident. While you recover, your attorney can advance your lawsuit so that the case moves as swiftly as possible. 

You don’t have to worry about paying your California slip and fall accident lawyer until your case is over. Typically, personal injury attorneys work on a contingency fee basis, meaning your attorneys don’t require payment until they settle your case. If you meet with a lawyer who charges by the hour, we strongly suggest contacting another slip and fall lawyer.

Evidence in Successful Slip and Fall Accidents

It’s important to gather any available evidence that proves the defendant was at fault for your slip and fall accident. After your accident, take these steps to gather evidence for your case.

  • Write down the events that led to your fall, what happened when you fell, and what happened after your fall. Include exact times, if possible.
  • In your written summary of your slip and fall experience, describe environmental factors. Was the ground slippery? Was a tile loose or a bulb burned out? Write down everything you remember.
  • Take photos of the accident scene as soon as possible. This documents the scene before the property owner repairs the issue that caused your slip and fall.
  • Get names and contact information from all witnesses to your accident.
  • Report your slip and fall to the property owner or store manager. If it is a commercial establishment, request a copy of any incident report.
  • Seek medical attention for any injuries. If you need medical treatment before completing the previous steps, appoint a friend or family member to complete those steps. Keep all medical records that describe the extent of your injuries and the expense of receiving treatment. 
  • Store your shoes and clothing worn in the accident. The defendant might assert that your clothing caused your trip or slip. Your attorney can show that it didn’t.

Your California slip and fall accident lawyer will use these materials to prove your case and defend you against fault for your accident. If you document your accident carefully, you have a better chance of attaining a settlement.

Do You Have a Slip and Fall Case?

If you were injured in a slip and fall accident on someone’s property, you can get compensation for your injuries. A personal injury lawsuit can reimburse your medical bills and pain and suffering you experienced after your accident. 

The slip and fall experts at GJEL recently recovered 3.5 million for a slip and fall plaintiff, and we can help you too. If you’re undecided about the best firm to represent you, read more about what our clients and peers say about us

Contact our California slip and fall accident lawyers for a free consultation. We’re available 24/7 to listen to your slip and fall experience and advise you on legal strategy. We work on a contingency fee basis, so you pay nothing upfront and owe nothing unless we settle your case or win a verdict at trial. With offices throughout California and a commitment to our community, we’re ready to help you today.